Servicios (Services)

Legal vessel Repressentation

We do all functions related to the process of entry, staying, supplies and vessel departure designed by the respective Captain, shipowner.

Vessel reception and Dispach

We provide personalized attention to all our customers fulfilling prestablized protocols and in concordance with the actual normatives wich deal maritime area national and international

Logistic and operations

We guarant the organization, supervision and coordination of all requirements in the legal matter, operative, security and logistic been necessary to spread up vessel stay in port


We can offer services associated to the merchansise handling in the vessel and seaports. Like cargo load, offload, warehouse store and all requierements in land necessary for moving cargo to the corresponding custom inspection for that we have a multidisciplinary profetionals highly qualified and with machinery equipments to guarant the best operatives conditions.

Empty Container Depot

SENAINCA has an empty container depot where our customers can find everything related to the service of elevators and storage of 20- and 40- feet containers, as well as repair and hauling services.

Our depot is located in a place of easy access and operationally close to the Port of La Guaira, Venezuela’s main maritime terminal. We guarantee safety, quickness and quality in our operations.

Supplies and Maintenance

We guarant all related to supplies, foods, potable water, spare parts, solid garbage recollection of oily water, crew medical assistance.


With a personalized service we offer timely attention in order to guarant crew changes, transfers, hotels, migration tramits and medical assistance.