We are engaged to develop all the activities related with ship agency, and customs under a quality system.

Structured quality system to satisfy needs, expectatives and requirements of our customers, looking the efficiency and increasing our quality management system.

Strategic process objectives

Obtain and keep a quality level of our service an a company optimus cost operation. to guarantee customer trust and keep the quality requirements.

Constantly training our personal staff, in order to give service alleged service level.

In Senain C.A. (SENAINCA) in their activities prevail the health prospection, hygiene and the workers security, the ship safe operation and cargo, and improving their abilities for the personal on land and on board, including emergency preparation related with security, and the vessel protection and environment.

SENAINCA endorse that all their vessels navigate fulfilling all the national and internationals regulations.

The Captain together with their bridge team, are responsibles and guarant safe ship navigation. on board are maintenance activities and routines, to comply with all security aspects, contamination and prevention and inspection points wich apply and provide security practices in the vessel operation and one work place.

The company do evaluation, inspection following control and tests wich guarant well functioning, and vessel operativity and integrity fulfilling in all moment with the inspection requirements, class societe and with complementaries provisions set by the company.